A Theatre Kid’s First Broadway Audition Experience

Today’s Guest Blog post is by Taylor Smith, age 11.


Lori and Taylor Smith
Lori and Taylor Smith


Nervous and excited at the same time! My first Broadway audition was in New York City where they were auditioning for Matlida the Musical.   The casting director would see equity girls first, but there were less than ten of them.  I was in with the other 200+ non-equity girls.  Sign-in wasn’t supposed to start until 10 am so my mom and I arrived at 9:40 and I was number 112.  The audition was to start at 11 am but we got started a little later.  Let me tell you, make sure you have snacks, something to drink, and things to do while you are waiting.  I waited for about five to six hours before it was my turn to audition.  During the wait, we left and went to Subway to eat lunch, so it was nice to get up and stretch.

I watched the girls coming back from their auditions and they were smiling.  So that gave me more confidence.  I told myself, no matter what happens just have a good time, and that is exactly what I did.  All the girls were super nice, and a lot of them have been on Broadway before and in commercials.  We even sat and waited next to one of the girls currently starring in Annie on Broadway.  She was waiting with everyone else, but got to audition early so she wouldn’t miss her matinee call time.   As the day went on I was getting anxious and a little nervous.  I just reviewed my music for the audition and my mom and I actually rode up and down in the elevator like 10 times so I could warm up and practice.   We’d get in the elevator and go down to floor 1 and I’d quickly sing.  Then we’d repeat going up and down from floor 12 to 1, oh probably at least 10 times.  I think the people on our floor sitting in the hallway outside the elevator probably thought we were nuts, cause each time the doors would open – we’d be thereJ I would abruptly stop when someone got in the elevator with us.  I think there were actually girls doing the same thing because I heard a couple of them say they got off on the 11th floor to sing and it was a scary floor.

When they finally called my name, they put us in order and we waited some more.  Then they took all our forms and our headshot.  Finally, we lined up in a hallway outside the audition room.  All of us were talking and having a good time and the casting directors were really nice.  It was very similar to a local audition, without the 6-hour wait of course.  They told me I did a good job and they said hello! They were also video-taping it.  It was a really good experience and I would definitely go again! Hint-Hint, Mom!


Taylor is a 6th grader at Shippensburg Middle School and loves musical theatre and dance.  She’s currently in rehearsals for her middle school play, Willy Wonka Jr. , where she is playing Veruca Salt.  Her mom, Lori, recently shared her perspective of the Broadway audition in Big City, Big Dreams, a Broadway Audition – and a Very Long Wait.