August 25, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Oyster Mill Playhouse
1001 Oyster Mill Road Camp Hill
PA 17011

Aug 25 or 26 7pm
Please sign up for vocal/acting audition using Sign Up Genius

Nov 8 – 24, 2019

Kids Casting Notes:
Auditions will consist of cold read from the script, sung vocal selection and dance/movement audition

You must also attend a DANCE AUDITION at either 7 or 8 pm.

IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED and PREFERRED that you sing from the show! Suggested songs are listed in the character breakdown. Accompaniment and music for these selections will be provided at the audition. (If you chose not to sing from the show, you must provide the sheet music). *You may also be asked to sing from the opening quartet of Who Will Buy?

Along with the OMP Audition Form, please submit a completed OLIVER! CONFLICT SHEET. Please note: THIS IS NOT THE REHEARSAL SCHEDULE, it is potential dates so that we may best schedule around cast conflicts.

Cockney and British Accents: if you are able to perform them for auditions, please do; if you are not familiar with them, do not panic, they will be taught in rehearsals, just do the best you can.



Oliver Twist: A workhouse orphan; the symbol of innocence; bright, clever and winning with a heroic air; loveable and kind-hearted. Should have an unchanged voice. British accent. Age: 9-13 Boy soprano. *For auditions: Where Is Love

Artful Dodger: Fagin’s brightest pupil; very energetic, highly personable, savvy beyond his years; airs and manners of a man although he is an undersized 16. Dynamic singer/dancer. Cockney accent. Age 13-18. Male soprano *For auditions: Consider Yourself

Charley Bates: One of Fagin’s gang. Cockney accent. Age 10-18 *For auditions: Consider Yourself

Nipper: Youngest boy in Fagin’s gang. Cockney accent. Age 8-10 *For auditions: Consider Yourself

Bet: Nancy’s sidekick and closest friend; high spirited, down to earth. Cockney accent. Age: 15. Alto *For auditions: I’d Do Anything

Orphans:Boys and girls ages 7-13. Should be able to sing and move well. Cockney accent. *For auditions: Consider Yourself

Fagin’s Gang: Boys and girls ages 7-18. Should be able to sing and dance well. Cockney accent. *For auditions: Consider Yourself

*For auditions: Consider Yourself; Who Will Buy (Part 1) or any other selection
*Looking for tumbling, juggling, acrobatic skills

For more info, visit OMP Auditions