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Today’s Guest Blog Post is from Emily Reusswig, age 12 

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My name is Emily and I’m twelve years old. My mom started Kids Theatre News because my sister, Sophie and I are theatre kids. Many people are into sports and other activities, but I love performing in live theatre – it is a spectacular hobby that let’s me sing, dance and act! It’s great to be a theatre kid!

I’ve been a singer as long as I can remember. I knew the whole show of Mamma Mia! and all of the music to Phantom of the Opera by the time I was four years old! For my fifth birthday I asked my parents to take me to see Phantom on Broadway! I was so lucky because the stage crew invited me backstage and I got to meet “The Phantom” himself! I’ve been hooked on theatre ever since.

Meeting "The Phantom"!
Meeting “The Phantom”!


Here are a few theatre tips I would like to share with other kids interested in auditioning for shows.

* Be Prepared – Read through the audition information carefully and make sure to follow what they ask for.

* Try Your Best – Giving it your best and being positive will help the director remember you.

* Be Patient – If you’re just starting out then you may not get the leading parts right away. The key is to work hard at whatever parts you land and always be professional.

* Don’t Worry – Hang in there even if you aren’t cast. I know it’s hard but, don’t get down. It may be because you’re just not short enough or tall enough or you have blue eyes and they wanted someone with brown eyes. You probably won’t get every part you want, but that’s ok!

Good luck to you all… I mean… Break A Leg! It is a very special gift to be on stage and I hope these tips are helpful to you.

Do you have any other tips you’d like to share?


Emily is a 7th grader at East Pennsboro Middle School. She is thrilled to be a “working actress” who has performed in over 18 regional and community theatre productions. She plans to continue her performance studies and to one day perform on Broadway. Updated 10/13